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Team Building Events

Are you looking for a great way to build the team? Would you like to try something that’s different and fun?

Our unique, music-based team building events are hugely enjoyable, engaging and informative. You’ll see the benefits of working together to improve performance, and your team will be talking about the event for years to come. No musical knowledge or special talent is required to take part in these totally inclusive team-development workshops - just energy and enthusiasm. We’ll help your team work together to create something special, and team members with musical ability will have a chance to shine!Improve your team with one of our training and development packages. Whether it's a group of 5, or a group of 300, we have a wide array of workshops, courses, and programmes lasting from 1 hour to 1 year!


musical knowledge required!

Our Workshops

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Band in a Day

10 - 30 participants
Whole Day

Sing it! Choir in a Day

15 - 300 participants

Whole Day

Create a Company Anthem

10 - 30 participants

Whole Day

Image by Andrey Grodz

Flash Mob Singers

15 - 50 participants

Whole Day


10 - 50 Participants
Whole Day

Custom Programmes

10+ Participants

1/2 day - recurring

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