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We’ve been working in schools for a long time. Our CEO is a fully qualified teacher and member of the Society for Education and Training; for a time, he was a classroom teacher of music, and an instrumental teacher in schools. Our Director of Music has been an instrumental teacher in schools for years. We understand school settings and the unique challenges of working in schools and colleges.

Check out our list of workshops and training activities below, and have a look at activities on other pages of the website, and then contact us to discuss how we can help you in your school.

Student Workshops

Introduction to Composition
Intermediate Composition
Advanced Composition
How to write a hit song
Introduction to Recording
Coding for Creativity
Introduction to Sibelius
Intermediate Sibelius
Advanced Sibelius
Include Me Out! (Engage)

Student Activity Sessions

Flah Mob Singers
Music for All (Special Needs)
The Rubbish Orchestra
Write a Class Theme Song

Teacher Workshops

Introduction to Coding
Sibelius as a Teaching Tool
Team-building Days

Teaching Resources

Sibelius guides

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